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About Us

Hello!  Welcome to office Management Gateway, LLC!


I want to thank you for your interest in our course.  I, myself have been in the corporate world for over 40 years. I am willing to share all that knowledge with you.


At this point I am focusing on the Pipeline Industry, but in the near future, I will be expanding my information to include: Construction, and Executive Management.  For now, the Inspection portion is key to the Pipeline.


As a manager you will have to have knowledge of the Welding, Coating, MTR’s, X-ray, personnel, timekeeping, Certifications, and Calibration.  Do not worry, you will be proficient in all of these area’s after you take my course and are certified as an Inspection Office Manager.


Our goals are to create consistency in the Management areas.  Especially in the Pipeline industry.  Having the knowledge in management is the key to being successful in your career. You will mentor, establish relationships with peers and create a sense of self-worth by being the best you can be within your career.


Ann Miller 

CEO and Founder of 

Office Management Gateway, LLC.


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