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Grading Scale will be as follows:

10 questions at 10 points each
80% or greater is passing.
You can miss 2 of the questions and still pass…3 or more will be a fail. At that point you will need to call me
Office Management Gateway

Construction, Inspection and Executive Guidance for Office Managers.

Course Timeline:
Managing an office can be quite intimidating to say the least. But rest assured after you have taken my e-course, you will have the knowledge and expertise to acquire success in your endeavors of managing an office.
First of all you may have to order a temporary office trailer to be delivered and set up.  Then of course electricity, water and the honey wagon.  You will probably have to order water service and a coffee service for that area.
Copier- make sure it has the capabilities of hole punching, and stapling. Get extra toner and ink cartridges. You will probably have to get the sales rep to set it up with internet also.
You, as an Office Manager, should have a meeting with the Chief, Assistant Chief, and Project Manager.
Always be at least 30 minutes early everyday. This will give you time to get settled, make coffee, sweep and be awake and alert for the day.
Whom ever the 3rd party Inspection company is, you will need to get email addresses from them, find out if it is on 1 week or 2 week to submit the timesheets.
Make sure you have all X-Ray Technicians email and phone numbers. Then secure a copy of their credentials to put in the books. With that make sure they are current.
A weld log captures all welds on the project.  Whether they have passed, failed, repaired, or cut-out.
This report looks exactly like the Chief report...or he can make one up to plug in all footage's that is needed for the Chief Report.
Now this is the actual Chief Report that will be uploaded everyday into the gas company data base. This will also need to be emailed to the Project Manager and Chief.
The Chief may want to add a comment at the bottom of the report. If it is approved, then send to the Super Chief for final approval. He will then tell you to email to the Project Manager, and upload into the database.
Mtr's (Material test reports) have the tracking numbers (ALSO KNOWN AS THE HEAT NUMBERS) for the material on the pipeline. These numbers are also stamped on the pipe. When receiving material the yardman along with an inspector should receive the pipe in. This should be done in an quick and efficient manner.
The Safety man for the contractor usually keeps up with and passes out to the foreman a binder with all of MSDS sheets in it, or a copy is kept in the office for review.
Lesson 14-PHEMSA
Department of Transportation. This regulatory body enforce the rules for all transportation of goods. The PHEMSA regulatory body reports to DOT.
When the PHEMSA auditors get there, be nice to them but not overly nice. Do not volunteer any information other than what they have asked for.
Closing an office is easy. The gas company Commissioning team will come in and give the Chief a list of their requirements. You will need to purchase clear totes and make a label for each.
Materials coming in and going out out of the yard will need a MRR and CTR along with MTR and BOL from the shipping company. Discuss with the gas company how they want to set this up.
Collect any certifications from the Inspectors, Drivers License and in some cases proof of insurance for person vehicles.
You will need to collect all equipment calibrations from the contractor.
In order to be able to retrieve a document or item in a database, you will need to be consistent in naming that item.
Index can be set up all different ways...usually grouped into similar areas of interest.
Office Management Ga...

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