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1What is Office Management Gateway, LLC?

It is the culmination of experience working for many, many years on the pipeline.

2What is OMG’s goals?

To create a consistency for the creation of the job books that are required by PHEMSA, and other regulatory bodies for the industry.

3What is the course about?

This course will give the basic knowledge for the Office Manager from Start-up to Commissioning, and all of the daily activities in between.

4 Why take my class?

There is no other class for Inspection Office Management in the industry. This is a must for anyone who wants to go into the pipeline field. You may have relatives, close friends, and associates that have worked on the pipeline in the field, but wants to move up into the office setting.

5 Where is the location of this course?

Right now it is being offered online, but in time, depending on the logistics of interest, there will be a class offered in the future.

6 Where does it come from?

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7 Why do we use it?

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